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Enjoy the Benefits of Active Senior Living

Searching for a retirement community can be daunting when faced with a plethora of industry specific terms. One such term that shows up often when researching communities is "active senior living." Like life plan communities (also known as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs), active senior living communities typically have age restrictions and provide both interior and exterior home maintenance services. Unlike many life plan communities, there is no "buy-in" fee and residents o…

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Demystifying Resident Contracts

For people who are considering moving to a community, many of the benefits are obvious: a beautiful location, friendly neighbors, great amenities, and supportive staff. But moving to a senior community is a big decision, and one that can raise many questions - especially when it comes to signing a contract or resident agreement. The resident agreement may seem imposing at first, but it also holds the answers to many questions prospective residents may have, such as: What's included and n…

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Twenty Years and Counting of Living by the Pines in Jacksonville

In 2001 a family friend told Glenn Sikes about a unique adult living community in the rural area of Jacksonville, Florida. "I was interested because I remembered the old Cecil Field from my Navy days and from having worked at the base as a federal employee for many years," recalled Glenn, now a happy resident of Cecil Pines Adult Living Community for almost two decades. "Being so familiar with the place it just felt right to move in." Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020, Cecil Pi…

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